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Yellow Class

We had a great time learning the song and dance for our Christmas Show, and we loved performing to all of our families and friends. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Merry Christmas from Yellow Class. smiley

Shine Star Shine!!

Ahoy there!!

This half term we had a letter from Pirate Pete. He asked us to make something waterproof for his noisy parrot.


We worked in teams to plan and then make cages and coats....and then we tested them! Some of our projects kept the parrot waterproof! Hooray!



We have been learning about World War One and made a booklet about what it was like to be a soldier living in a trench.  We acted it out and made our own trenches using construction.  We also went to Aldershot Military Museum to learn more about life as a soldier and how we remember people who have died.

In Literacy we enjoyed reading The Gingerbread Man and decided to make the real thing for our One World Tea Afternoon. They were delicious!

In Maths we have looked at different ways to make 10, as well as playing different number games to help us with our counting.

Together, we grow our love for learning.