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Autumn 1 - Amazing animals

This half term, we will become animal experts as we explore the wonderful world of animals and what makes them unique! We will learn to group animals in Science including by what they eat, what they look like and their structure. In English, we will become authors by writing our own version of the popular story 'Dear Zoo' and we visit Marwell Zoo on Tuesday 27th September to help us with this. What an exciting start to Year One!

We love reading to help us with our learning! Some of our key texts for this learning enquiry include...

Week 7: 21/10/2022

This week, we have explored the structure of different animals by labelling their different body parts. We also got creative and made autumnal wreaths, thinking about why leaves change colour in autumn.

Week 6: 14/10/2022

This week, we have learnt to write fact files about different animals. We asked questions that we would like to know and used texts as sources of information to find out the answers.

Week 5: 07/10/2022

This week, we have explored the artist Henri Rousseau and his jungle inspired paintings. We explored different shades of green and looked at lines and patterns on different leaves.

Week 4: 30/09/2022

On Tuesday, we had the most wonderful trip to Marwell Zoo! Our particular highlights were getting up close to the tigers and seeing rhinos, hippos and giraffes. Our teachers were so proud of how brilliant we were for the whole trip!

Week 3: 23/09/2022

This week, we have been scientists and explored the differences between animals. We learnt to classify them into groups, focusing on amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals and reptiles.

Week 2: 16/09/2022

This week, we learnt to draw self-portraits. We used mirrors to look closely at our features and carefully drew these, using colours to reflect this.

Week 1: 09/09/2022

We’ve had a brilliant first week in Year One and have settled into our new classes so well. Our week was quite extraordinary when some wild animals broke into our classroom, leaving footprints all over our tables!