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Our Vision and Values

Start small, dream big.


At Farnborough Grange Nursery/Infant Community School, we have a set of 3 values that permeate through our everyday life, including learning, assemblies, play times and lunch times. These are:


We respect, we aspire, we belong.


Our whole school community selected these values and investigated why they are important to our school.

The values are an important part of how we learn and they are integral in every learning opportunity and aspect of school life; helping to build the strong character and ethos of the school.

We invite you to share your thoughts on how our academy ‘feels’ when you visit and join us in celebrating these values with us.

We believe that all our children are 'Champion Learners'


 We support our Farnborough Grange Champion Learners through:

  • High aspirations and expectations in learning - Challenges for all children to achieve their full potential; clear success criteria to enable achievement; celebrating achievements for all children to instil pride and aspiration

  • Positive role models for behaviour and attitudes - modelling pride in behaviour, dress code, language, interactions; class promises to give children ownership over their choices

  • Life skills to prepare for adulthood and later life - real life, purposeful leaning opportunities across the curriculum; planning practical learning tasks to practise life skills e.g. cooking; modelling behaviour and skills to aid success

  • A safe and nurturing environment - building positive relationships with all children and parents; clear, consistent boundaries; relevant and regular staff CPD; timely interventions for all needs - academic, emotional, pastoral; provide a time for children to talk; a strong PSHE curriculum.

  • Structure and routine

  • A love of learning