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Writing at Farnborough Grange

At Farnborough Grange we have a well- designed, progressive writing curriculum that covers all aspects of writing ensuring coherence and continuity across year groups and a clear progression throughout the school. The curriculum is aligned with the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage which covers a wide range of genres, allowing pupils to explore various writing styles, purposes, and audiences. 

At Farnborough Grange, we use of the Talk for Writing approach, which enables us to provide explicit and systematic instruction in writing skills, empowering our pupils to become confident and proficient writers. Our teachers use a combination of whole-class teaching, small group activities, and one-to-one support to cater to individual needs.  

We ensure that our teaching focuses on key components such as grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling. Our teachers use engaging and interactive resources to make learning exciting and memorable. We believe that writing becomes meaningful when pupils have authentic opportunities to apply their skills. At Farnborough Grange, our children have regular chances to write for real purposes and audiences, such as creating letters, stories, poems, or non-fiction texts that may be shared with the wider community or published in school publications. We encourage cross-curricular writing projects to integrate writing with other subjects, giving our pupils opportunities to apply their writing skills across the curriculum, and they are supported to ensure that high quality writing happens in all of their subjects.  


Through careful planning and ongoing assessment, we are able to ensure that the teaching of writing is not only exciting and memorable, but that our children have a good understanding of why writing is important and that they are challenged.