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Autumn 1- My Place in the World Where do I belong?

Wb. 16.10.23

The week we had a fantastic visit from the dentist. The children learnt how to brush their teeth properly and discussed which foods were good or bad for their teeth.
Additionally, the children explored a winter vegetable- a pumpkin. They worked out their fingers and got them stronger by using tools to explore a pumpkin.

Wb. 9.10.23

This week the children have used their knowledge of the forest to create a simple map.
The children were engaged and they added many detail to their map. Here are some examples of their work.

Wb 2.10. 2023

Children in Reception have enjoyed their time in the forest. Children collected natural materials, like twigs, leaves and stones, to create human faces. In the classroom, they used various materials, such as tissue paper, sugar paper and glue, to create a collage of their family members. Look at their fantastic work!

WB 11.9.23

We loved exploring our classroom and outside area. We enjoyed getting to know our teachers and making new friends. Our focus book was The Colour Monster Goes to School. This supported us to talk about our emotions. Each morning when we come in when have put our name next to emotion we are feeling that day.


This week our focus text was Super Duper You. We enjoyed drawing self portraits and discussing the things we are good at. We have enjoyed playing in our role play areas, pretending to be shop keepers and hoovering the home corner. We also started learning letter sounds in phonics.


This week in maths we started by learning about patterns and at the end of the week we learnt to weigh objects and use the language heavy and lighter. We have also been busy practising writing our names,