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Summer 1- What Lives In My Garden?

Week beginning 22.5.23

This week we loved reading the Enormous Turnip Story and acting it out. We also finger painted our own turnips.

Week begining 15.5.23 This week we read a book called Billy's Bravery and learnt what it means to be brave. The book was all about Billy wanting to be as brave as his favourite Super Hero. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite super heroes and building our muscles like a superhero by doing an assault course.

Week beginning 8.5.23

This week we learnt all about bees. We learnt that they eat pollen with their long tongue, they have see through wings and they make honey. We also enjoyed collaging our own bees.

Week begining 1.5.23


This week we learnt all about the kings coronation. We decorated flags to put up in our nursery. We invited our grown ups in to make crowns with us and listen to the story The King's Colourful Coronation

Week beginning 24/4/23

This week we really enjoyed reading Superworm by Julia Donaldson. During tummy time we listened carefully to instructions for how to draw a ladybird and produced some great drawings. We developed our maths skills by giving our ladybirds the number of spots we were given.

Highlight of the week

Week beginning 17/04/23

This week we started our topic 'What Lives in the Garden' by reading a non-fiction book about bugs. We were able to say some of the names of the bugs in the book and learnt the names of lots of new bugs! We have loved exploring and looking for bugs in our outside area. The children were very caring towards the bugs, they brought them food to bring them out of their hiding places and were very gentle when holding bugs they had found.