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School Uniform

We are able to supply a limited range of uniform.  Please check Scopay to see what is still available by clicking here and logging in.  If what you require is unavailable, please click here for more purchasing options.

Important Message from our Supplier:



At School Trends we are planning for the Summer rush and with the huge number of schools that have moved to our Direct to Parent service, we need your help in encouraging orders to be placed as early as possible.


Summer Planning

Whilst we have secured large volumes of our summer stock, COVID is still impacting the countries where garments are manufactured. Currently, there is no impact on our supply chain but we do not know what is around the corner concerning COVID disruptions so we would advise you and your parents to order as early as possible.


Parent Ordering

The cut off date for parent orders to be placed in time for September delivery will be before the end of July. We will communicate this to parents and we'd encourage you to remind parents to order as early as possible to allow time for returns should there be any problems with sizing.


Contacting School Trends

Due to COVID restrictions in January, we decided to turn off our Customer Service phone lines to allow for our team to work from home. This appears to have worked successfully and we are providing an efficient service for both schools and parents.


We continue to work with fewer office staff and for that reason will continue with the email only support. We believe that we can provide a much more efficient and higher quality service when using an email first approach. 


We don't want this to impact the service and as always, our Account Managers will still be available to answer any calls you may have regarding your service with School Trends. Additionally, we have set up a call back service for you should you need support.


Please follow the following link to request a call back:


Turnaround Time

Order turnaround is currently between 21 and 28 days as we're still operating with a slightly reduced workforce. However, in the next couple of weeks, we have plans to bring back as many staff as distancing restrictions allow so turnaround should only decrease.

Together, we grow our love for learning.