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To the Sky, Space and Beyond!

This half term, Year 2's topic is 'To the sky, space and beyond!'. In history, we will be exploring the history of flight. We will be investigating how Samuel Cody impacted flight, not only in Farnborough, but nationally and internationally too. In English, we will be using the text  'The Way Back Home' to create our very own planets and write setting descriptions of our creations. We will also be artists this half term, exploring the work of Vincent Van Gogh, before we create our own Van Gogh-inspired pieces.


This is just a taster of what we will be learning this half term. Please take a look at our curriculum overview for more information.

Week 4 - 10/05/2024: 

In art this week we investigated how to make tints and shades. We used a starting colour and then mixed white with it to make a tint and black to make a shade. 

Week 3 - 03/05/2024: 

We really enjoyed our May Pole dancing this week to celebrate May Day. We created lots of patterns with the ribbons and had a go dancing with garlands and with Morris sticks. In art we have been looking at how line impacts light and dark and used thick and thin pens to experiment with this to re-create the style of Van Gogh. 

Week 2 - 26/04/2024

This week in Science we learnt about what seeds need to germinate and planted our own sunflower seeds. In history we continued to learn about Samuel Cody and created freeze frames to show his first flight which was also the first powered flight in the UK and it happened in Farnborough! We thought about the word significant and why Samuel Cody was significant in history.