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Autumn 2 - In a land of chocolate

This half term, we will immerse ourselves in a land of chocolate, yummy! Our learning enquiry will start with a trail through the woods which will lead us to a delicious house, I wonder which story this could be from? In English, we will use our descriptive skills to think about what chocolate looks, smells & tastes like and of course, our senses will help us to do this. What a delicious learning enquiry!​​​​​​​

We love reading to help us with our learning! Some of our key texts for this learning enquiry include...

Week 7: 12/12/22


In our final week of this half term we have had some special days planned in. At the start of this week we had a music day where we listened to a reggae version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We then thought about the notes used to play the song and had a go at playing the song on the glockenspiels. 




We have also spent a day exploring the program on the laptops. We learnt how to use the drawing tools, undo tool and shape tools. 

If you want to have a go at home then type into a web browser and you can practise your new skills at home. 

Week 6: 05/12/22

We really enjoyed designing, making and evaluating chocolate cupcakes this week. Thank you to the grown ups that came in to see our great work!

Why not try writing a set of instructions at home so that you can tell other people how to make our yummy cupcakes?

Week 5: 28/11/22

Our brains have been switched onto full power in Maths this week. We have been exploring number bonds with different totals up to 10. We even challenged ourselves to work systematically! 

Week 4: 25/11/2022

This week, we were introduced to the cacao bean and found out that it is used to make chocolate. We learnt that it grows in Brazil and considered why it cannot grow here in Farnborough, England.

Week 3: 18/11/2022

This week, we have been monitoring the weather on a day-to-day basis and we started to ask different questions about the weather. We have set up rain gauges that we will visit regularly to measure rainfall and consider how this is different across the seasons.

Week 2: 11/11/2022

This week, we have explored our bodies and named the different parts of our body. We also considered which parts of our bodies are linked to the five senses.

Week 1: 04/11/2022

This week, we have explored different imaginary lands of chocolate & sweets and used noun phrases to describe them. In Art, we used different materials and textures to create our own collage imaginary land.