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Spring 1 - What makes our world wonderful?

Highlight of the Week:

Week beginning 6.2.23

This week the children have enjoyed learning about measuring. They have been using non standard measures to investigate how long the polar bears are. They have really enjoyed using the construction resources to build igloos and worked well as teams to create igloos in the sand tray. 

Highlight of the week:

Week beginning 30.1.23

This week we have enjoyed learning about your new mini topic, polar bears! The children learnt a lot of interesting facts such as polar bears have two layers of fur and black skin. They have enjoyed making polar bear masks using cotton wool and paper plates. In maths, the children have been learning that there are different ways of making 6,7, and 8.



Week beginning 23.1.23

This week the children have continued their journey learning about Chinese New Year. In literacy we did some fantastic descriptive writing about the dragon in our story "How to Catch a Dragon". In maths we have been learning about comparing mass. We have been looking at heavier and lighter, and learning to use a balance scale. We ended our week with out fantastic Chinese Dragon Dancing workshop. The children had the most fantastic day learning all about Chinese Dancing and did ended the day doing a fantastic performance for their grown ups! 




Week beginning 16.1.23

This week the children have had a fantastic time learning about Chinese New Year. In Literacy, they did some fantastic writing, writing some facts that they had learned about Chinese New Year. In Maths, we have been looking at the composition of numbers to 5 and subitising. In EAD we learned how to make Chinese lanterns, they look fantastic! The children were very excited to visit the Library for the first time this week. They have chosen some lovely stories to share with their grown ups at home. They are looking forward to going back next week to choose different books. 





Week beginning 9.1.23

This week we have been continuing our journey learning about the story Handa's Surprise. The children enjoyed exploring the story in greater depth. In UTW we found out where our fruit comes from and talked. In literacy the children were fantastic at sequencing and retelling the story. In EAD the children made some fantastic giraffe masks. They looked carefully at the textures and colours of the giraffes fur and mimicked this in their own designs. 


Week beginning 2.1.23

This week we have been learning about the story Handa's Surprise. The children enjoyed learning about Africa which is where the story is set and used the small world characters to retell the story.