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All Aboard The Titanic!


This half term Year 2 will be exploring the Titanic. As historians, we will be asking and answering questions about what happened and will be using different sources to help us to do this. In English, we will be writing recounts of journeys on water and will then become journalists, writing a newspaper article about the sinking of the Titanic. Our science learning will be based on comparing materials and thinking about how we can keep ourselves healthy and in DT we will be making bread. 


This is just a taste of what we will be getting up to! Please take a look at our curriculum overview below for more information.

Week 6 - Week beginning 27.03.23


It has been a jam-packed last week of term for Year 2. Our maths learning this week has focussed on multiplication and division - we've been practising our two times table and learning about division. In computing, we have been exploring pictograms. First, we made our own tally charts, before using the iPads to input the data to make our own pictograms.


Thank you all for your support this half term. We hope that you have an enjoyable Easter break and look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 17th April.

Week 5 - week beginning 20.03.23

The highlight of our week was making bread rolls for the first class passengers of the Titanic. First, we experimented with different flavours- we liked icing sugar and apples, but some of us weren't as keen on olives or garlic! Then, we spent time making our bread rolls before taste-testing them and evaluating what we had created.

Week 4 - 17/03/2023

Our highlight of the week this week is that we went to the Church of the Good Shepherd to learn all about Easter. We took part in 4 different activities that told us all about the Easter Story and how it links to the church now. We learnt that Christians believe that God is everyone's friend and Jesus died at Easter to help build friendships. We had lots of fun and even got to make our own friendship bracelets! 

Week 3 - 10/03/2023


In science this week, we have been looking at what drinks are healthy for our teeth. We put eggs (they represented our teeth) in four different drinks - coca cola, blackcurrant squash, water and orange juice. After a few days we checked the eggs. Only the water stayed healthy, the rest changed colour, cracked and looked quite disgusting! 


This week Hedgehogs learnt all about Shabbat in their RE learning and why Jews celebrate Shabbat. In Squirrels we went to the Music room and learnt how to play short and long rhythms and about different timbre's of instruments - that's the type of sound they make. 

Week 2 - week beginning 27.02.23


This week our classes celebrated World Book Day by coming to school dressed as our favourite book characters. Our day was themed around a book called 'The Barnabus Project' and we had lots of fun designing our own animal projects and then writing about them.


We have also been exploring materials in science and had a visit from Sarah and Harold the giraffe, who came to visit us on Monday for our PSHE&C learning.

Week 1 - week beginning 20.02.23

It has been an exciting first week back in Squirrels and Hedgehogs. On Monday, we were greeted with a 'history mystery' - we had been given some pictures, but there were bits of each missing! We had to work in teams to find out what was happening in the pictures. We learnt that the pictures showed the sinking of the Titanic. We learnt what happened to the Titanic and what life was like on board the Titanic. We didn't like the sound of being in third class and only having two baths for the whole third class deck!


It was also Author Day on Friday, where we celebrated the work of Oliver Jeffers. We made 'Found' posters for the penguin that the boy found in 'Lost and Found' and then in the afternoon took part in a range of penguin-themed activities.