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Reception 2021-22

Welcome to Reception!



Badger Class teachers are Mrs Carnie, Mrs Church and Mrs Major. The Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Browning and Miss Holden also supports in Badger Class.

Robin Class teachers are Miss Osborne and the Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Lightfoot. Miss Mason also supports in Robin Class.


Our PE day is Tuesday. Please make sure your child has their PE kit on this day. Our Library day is Friday so please make sure your child brings their book back to school so that it can be changed for a new one. 

Home Learning

As well as reading books, children will now be bringing home a zippy wallet with some sounds and words in. We would like you to support your child in becoming confident in reading the sounds they have been given, as well as the word cards. We will be checking each week how well your child knows their sounds and words, and when they are confident we will give them the next strip to learn. 

Please see the document below for additional guidance on how to support your child with learning the sounds and reading at home. 


Highlight of the week!

Spring 1

Week 1: 7.01.22

This week the children have settled fantastically into being back at school. We have all enjoyed kicking off our new toping 'Where are the bears?', by reading Goldilocks and the three bears. During literacy we worked in groups to retell the story. The children have remembered the story fantastically. We enjoyed building a house for the three bears in the reception garden using the big shapes. We have also really enjoyed creating our own bear marks in the art corner. They all look fantastic! 


Autumn 2

Week 7: 17.12.21

This week we have had the most fantastic time learning about how people celebrate Christmas and why we celebrate. The really enjoyed their Christmas party and Christmas lunch! We all made beautiful party hats to wear for Christmas lunch. The Children all looked fantastic. Well done to all of the children on completing their first half term at school! We are all so proud of how well they have settled in this term. 


Week 6: 10.12.21

This week the children have continued their learning about Birthdays. We enjoyed writing birthday cards for Harry's dinosaurs and writing invites to the party! The children performed their second performance of their Nativity show. Well done to all of the children for all of your hard work. Both shows were fantastic. We are very proud of you all. 


Week 5: 3.12.21

This week we have been looking at how we celebrate birthdays. The children enjoyed their new story, Harry and the dinosaurs have a birthday. The children had lots of fun exploring the dinosaur small world, making birthday cards and party hats for the dinosaurs. On Wednesday we celebrated the first day of December with crazy hair day! Everybody looked fantastic. The children have worked really hard learning the songs for their first performance of their Nativity show. What a fabulous job they did! 


Week 4: 26.11.21 

This week the children enjoyed looking at the story of Cinderella. During literacy we described and labeled Cinderella to help the Prince to find her. In maths we were discovering how many different ways we could make five, using lots of different concrete objects. We visited the forest and collected sticks to make our very own wands. When we returned to the classroom we decorated these using paint and sequins. They looked magical! 


Week 3: 19.11.21

This week the children have been learning about nocturnal and diurnal animals. During our literacy lessons we enjoyed exploring the story "It was a cold dark night". The children enjoyed joining in with the story. We used our phonics skills to help us to label a hedge hog. During Maths we have been looking at the number 5. The children were able to use lots of different concrete materials to show lots of different ways to make 5. We also explored our number bonds to 5. This week we have started to practise for our Christmas play. The children have enjoyed learning of the new songs. We are looking forward to performing for all of our grown ups very soon.  


Week 2: 12.11.21

This week the children enjoyed learning about bonfire night. We learned why we celebrate Bonfire night and who Guy Fawkes was. During our literacy lessons we thought about the sounds each firework make (e.g pop, bang) and used our phonics knowledge to try to write the sounds we could hear in each word. During maths we have been looking at squares and rectangles. The children were able to see that each shape has 4 corners and 4 sides. They also noticed that the squares sides were all the same but the rectangle had two short sides and two long sides. Well done reception! 


Week 1: 5.11.21

This week we had a wonderful time learning about Diwali. The children enjoyed learning about the Diwali story, dressing up in traditional clothing and making Diya lamps. In Maths we have been looking at the number 4. We spent some time exploring how we can make 4 using different objects. During Literacy the children enjoyed talking about what they would be able to see and hear at a Diwali celebration. We also enjoyed a special visit to the woodland area to see all of the autumnal changes around us


Autumn 1

Week 7: 22.10.21

In our final week in Reception this half term, we have been learning about what makes our Grandparents super! We enjoyed looking at the book "My Granny is a superhero" and discussing all of the wonderful superpowers our own grandparents have. During our maths lessons we have been looking at positional language. The children enjoyed playing "Where is the bear?", the had to describe where the bear was inside, next to, on top of, behind and in front of the box. Well done to all of Badgers and Robins for completing your first half term at school. 


Week 6: 15.10.21

This week the children enjoyed learning about The Incredibles family. We discussed what made our family members superheroes. In maths we have been looking at subitising. We used our superpowers to have a quick peak at how many items were under the cloth and remember how many items we had seen. The children really enjoyed this activity. During discovery we really enjoyed dressing up as superheroes and discussing out superheroes. In art we created our own super hero marks. 


Week 5: 08.10.21

This week we have been learning about our families. We enjoyed looking at pictures of ourselves when we were babies and describing who is in our families. During phonics we have been learning the sounds c,k,u,b and f and have been practising writing them during our discovery time. In maths we have been learning about weight and capacity. We enjoyed using the balance scales to determine which objects are heavier and lighter.  In literacy we looked at our new book 'My Mum is a Super Mum' and drew pictures of our families, labeling them using the sounds we have learned. 


Week 4: 01.10.21

We have been very busy this week. We have started learning about our new theme 'What makes me a superhero?. The children were very excited to have been visited by The Scribbler who had scribbled all over our classroom walls and in our outside garden. We read the book There's a superhero in my book by Tom Fletcher. The children discussed the features of the story including what made the superhero in the book special and what superhero powers they had. These included jumping very high, running really fast, being very kind and being a good friend. During our Maths lessons this week we have been ordering by size and thinking about which containers can hold the most water. We were surprised to find out that the tallest containers don't always hold the most water. In phonics we have been learning the sounds i,n,p,g and o. 


Week 3: 24.09.21

This week the children had a wonderful time learning about their themselves. We looked at our hair colour, our eye colour and our likes and dislikes. This week we started learning phonics. The children learned the sounds m, a, d, s, t. In Maths we were identifying different quantities. We were deciding which groups had more and less objects. 


Week 2: 17.09.21

The children did a fantastic job of settling in and enjoying their first lunch at school. We explored colours and experimented with mixing blue and yellow together. We went on a shape hunt looking for circles in our environment. We sang songs and enjoyed reading a variety of stories. All children will have received 2 purple reading books this week for you to explore with your children at home.


Week 1: 10.09.21

We had a wonderful time meeting all of the children and their families at home. The children  enjoyed exploring their new classrooms and outside areas. We are very proud of them all for settling in so well! 

In Autumn 1, our Learning question is:


What makes me a superhero?


Please see the curriculum web below to see all the different things that we will be learning:

Together, we grow our love for learning.