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Physical Education at Farnborough Grange



At Farnborough Grange we believe that PE is a vital part of school life and ultimately children’s general well-being.  We aim to inspire our children through PE, encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle by making physical activities a part of their every-day lives. We are also very passionate about giving our children opportunities to try new things, and so have embedded more unusual topics into our curriculum such as Golf.


 We endeavour to provide the opportunity for our children to engage in competitive games and sport. This helps them to develop and improve their teamwork skills by working together to achieve a goal such as scoring a point, winning the race or creating a routine or dance. Beyond merely a subject, we believe that PE provides opportunities for our community to come together, to foster a sense of pride and to celebrate in their successes. Therefore, we make the most of our extensive grounds by hosting community events such as Sports Days.



We recognise and aspire to teach our children about the cross-over between physical and mental health, with strong cross-curricular links to PHSE and Science. We encourage our children to take part in daily physical activity, whether this be through the 'Golden Mile' daily run, or the games that our playground supervisors use to enrich children's break and lunch times. We also encourage the use of physical movement within classrooms e.g. dance videos or Cosmic Kids Yoga.



Physical development in the Early Years Foundation Stage is embedded through every activity that is planned. All physical activity is designed to develop children's fine and / or gross motor skills. In addition to this, children in Reception currently have one discrete PE lesson per week, which is taught by a specialist PE coach from Premier Sport.



In Key Stage 1, children have 2 separate PE lessons per week - one provided by the specialist PE coach and the other by a Farnborough Grange teacher. The two curriculums (Premier Sports-led and Class Teacher-led) are separate, as this maximises the time that the children are able to spend learning new skills and trying new activities. See below for the Whole School Curriculum Overview and the separate Skills Progressions documents.

Sports Day 2022!


Wow! What a day we had watching all of our talented children taking part in Sports Day. Despite the heat, the children absolutely out did themselves and really showed the Farnborough Grange Way, by getting stuck in and cheering on all of their friends. To show off all of their varying skills and talents, they took part in a range of different competitive team games and individual races. It was a pleasure to watch all of the children trying their best and getting involved. We were lucky enough to have the help of some students from Kings International College who were brilliant setting up the stations, keeping scores and motivating our children to do their best. 


A big Thank you to all of the parents/ carers who came along to cheer on the children. They loved having you here to watch them shine and it was so lovely for them to be able to share the day with you all. 


Throughout the day, the children were in coloured teams and scores were kept from each race. I am very excited to tell you that the scores were added up from all of the year groups  and the winning team for 2022 were the RED TEAM! The scores were very close and all teams did brilliantly!  

Inter-School Sports Event


This term, some of our year 2 children had the opportunity to take part in a Christmas inter-school sports event held at the Aldershot Tennis Centre. The children were amazing and got stuck into every activity on offer. They showed great skill when dribbling the ball with a racket and could throw a ball with accuracy by knocking over Santa several times. 


I am very  pleased to announce that in the team target throw challenge , scores were added up across the attending schools and Farnborough Grange Infants were the winners! They worked so well as a team. 



Welcome back to the Autumn term